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Something has been here

I didn’t feel very good after my run this afternoon (note to self – one hour is NOT long enough for Mexican food to settle in your stomach) so I ended up huddling in the bathroom for a while. At one pointed I heard Auggie sniffing and snorting outside the door.

Well, when I came out of the bathroom, I kind of expected to find Auggie waiting for me there. Instead, I saw…

Evidence of a monster! And yet, no monster to be seen…….
Apparently he thought I needed his giant sheep, so he pulled it out from where it’s lodged (under a tripod table next to his crate), out of the room, and all the way down the hall. Then he left it there for me I guess, because he is nowhere to be found. I think he’s downstairs, I haven’t actually seen him since I came out of the bathroom.
It’s actually sort of creepy… the sheep… just staring at me…

Auggie gets a Fetching Tag

I ordered Auggie a tag from Fetching Tags. I wanted one for a while but wasn’t positive what to put on it. The first thing I came up with was “bad bad bad to the bone.” “Why bad bad bad?” my mom asked. “The song goes b-b-b-b-bad.” “Yes,” I answered, “but Auggie is a bad, bad, BAD dog.”
I kept changing my mind though. Maybe something to do with sheep. Maybe a tennis ball obsession reference. Something about being a brat? Something about being a boy dog and he can’t HELP it if he’s pretty, he’s NOT a girl? Or maybe simply “bitches love me?”
But for some reason, I just kept coming back to “bad bad bad to the bone.” I couldn’t get past it. So I finally decided to take the plunge and order it… and here it is.

How it will normally sit, since he wears a martingale – his tags normally rest near his shoulders.

Talkin’ back about something… he wanted the cookie I had. I believe I asked him if he wanted it and this was “yes I wants the cookie.”

It was windy and it kept messing up my shot by blowing his fur in the way, LOL.

Of course, he has so much fur, this is sort of how it’s going to look normally…

or like this…

Just the tag. Oh my God I just love it.

The back of the tag with my phone number… and you better believe I wanted the little skull icon on there! That just makes the whole thing complete.

I LOVE this tag. I ordered the medium size for Auggie because I figured that was the only way to get the whole tagline to fit, and I’m glad I did. You can actually see the tag under all his fur – not always 100% clearly, but definitely better than anything smaller. It catches attention – people have asked me about it at agility meets. It looks heavy but it’s actually incredibly lightweight. I really couldn’t be happier with this tag.

Have a few more pics from while we were outside-

You has a ball?

Throw the ball.

(This is why shelties are “loose eyed” herders… it’s not really an intense stare like a BC has. He REALLY wants the ball in that last one but he still looks like a big snuggleyboo… or maybe that’s just Auggie.)

This is a sign he has too many sheep toys

Auggie dropped a sheep toy in the kitchen and came in here to bug me. I kept telling him “Go get your sheep!” so he’d go bring it to me and I could throw it for him, and pointed in the kitchen. But he was looking over at his toy box. “No – go get your SHEEP! Your SHEEP! It’s in the KITCHEN!”
He went to the toy box.
“No, the SHEEP, Auggie!”
He grabbed something in the toy box.
“That’s not the sheep.”

Then I looked at it.

“Oh wait. Yes it is. Sorry.”

Seriously… the dog has his own personal flock of sheep toys. And I don’t help it any because if I find another cute sheep toy I HAVE to get it for him. A couple weeks ago I found a sheep BALL. How cute is that?! A SHEEP BALL! It’s like it was made for him! So now he has a sheep ball.

Do you think adorableness is hereditary?

Because if it is… and I get a puppy from Auggie’s brother… I might be in big trouble.

I think my dog has a perpetual happy.

Can I just say that sometimes, “heart dog” doesn’t even seem sufficient as a way to describe how much I love this dog?