oh my auggie

Auggie’s goopy eye, and first experience as a conehead

When I got home from work Friday, Auggie’s left eye had a slightly green, very goopy eye booger in the corner. That’s not at all normal for him… his eye was slightly red and he was squinting it just a little bit. Luckily, we were already going to the vet Saturday morning for his annual. All evening long I kept going “Oh my poor puppy! You have a GOOPY!” and he just stared at me and squinted his eye a little…

I left him to go see Daughtry in concert, and when I came back, it was crazy goopy. Wiped it, but it was completely gooped over in the morning and he was starting to paw at it a bit. I wiped it again before we went to the vet but it was already goopy again by the time we got there.
The vet pronounced him “really good” except for his goopy eye, and sent me home with antibiotics to put in his eye three times a day. Then we stopped at PetSmart and got him an e-collar, where he proved his mad cuteness skills by getting a cookie not only from the cashier in our aisle, but the cashier in the OTHER aisle too. *facepalm*

Then I came home and put the e-collar on him. Poor guy looked pathetic. I said to him, “I’m sorry baby. I feel so bad for you. But not so bad I won’t take pictures.”

Saaaad puppy.

I asked him if he’d smile for me. Oooookay. Here you can see how he’s squinting that eye just a little bit.

Auggie wants you all to know exactly what he thinks of having to be a cone-head.

He’s done really well with it actually, except when he’s walking somewhere and tries to squeeze through near the wall and ends up konking his cone on something… then he just stands there looking terribly confused. He tried to get it off right when I put it on, but he’s pretty much left it alone otherwise. Though the first time we went outside he whacked his cone on the door frame and backed up looking startled and wasn’t sure if he wanted to go outside after all. Poor baby.

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