oh my auggie

Auggie loves his food

A few weeks ago I needed to get food for Auggie and decided I’d go to the Pet Supplies Plus, since it was slightly closer than the feed store we usually go to. Well, their prices aren’t as good as the feed store, so I decided to buy the big BIG bag to save some cash. I won’t have to buy food for like six months now. (Though I came up with an excellent solution to the issue of too much dog food… get a puppy! So far this one isn’t going over well with my family. Oh well.)

Anyway, I have no idea why I decided to give Auggie the bag after I emptied the bag into his normal food container, a vittles vault, and then a huge plastic bag… but I did.
This is the result.

I had to remove him from the bag. I think he would have stayed there for hours licking the bag if I didn’t take it away.

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