oh my auggie

Secret Santa has visited Auggie!

The dog forum I belong to has done a Secret Santa for a couple years now, and Auggie’s Secret Santa package arrived today!

“For meeeee?”

I told him he has to always read the card first before he opens presents. So he did.

Sitting pretty with all the presents! This was hard because he already knew what was in the red packages, LOL.

PUPPY CHOCOLATE OM NOM NOM NOM (the smaller red package had people chocolate in it so it was put away immediately, LOL.)

I noms cuz this for me.

Sitting for a few pieces… he likes it a lot!

It was hard to make him want to open his other presents, LOL. I think he was like “YAY CHOCOLATE OKAY THAT’S IT BUHBYE”

“Whas in dis?”

A squeaky toy! Whoohoo!

Next, a lovely red lead! He tried it on. Sorta.

Sitting with his goodies! Thanks Secret Santa!!

“I can nom more chocolate now plz?”

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