oh my auggie

Four year old birthday boy!

I keep telling myself I need to stop calling him “puppy” and “baby dog” all the time now. ;P

Birthday dinner – chicken, a “peanut butter cup” from a local dog bakery here, and some other cookies. His present is three Kong squeaker tennis balls from PetSmart (I kid you not, I saw those on the website and was like OMGOMG I KNOW WHAT AUGGIE’S GETTING FOR HIS BIRTHDAY.) And… a hat.

That I put on his head. And he did not enjoy.



Yes, I am terrible to make him eat his dinner with that hat on, LOL.

Checking out one of his toys.

Playing fetch. With the hat on. Yes.

LOL the hat kept falling to one side, I’d fix it, it would fall to the other side, I’d fix it, it would fall again..

Okay, okay, we took the hat off finally.

Yaaaay birthday puppy!

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