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Auggie Halloween 2009

Last year after I knit his dinosaur costume, I figured I would knit up a bumblebee for 2009. Well, I never really got around to feeling like I wanted to knit… so I didn’t. I have one of those ridiculous hot dog costumes I got at Target last year for 75% off and figured I would just put that on him. And then I couldn’t find it! So I dug around trying to find some other goodies, and located… well…

This little vampire cloak that I also got at Target (YES I LOVE TARGET) last year for $1. I also attempted a pumpkin costume that I got for $1, but he was having none of that… none. of. that. This, however, he was quite happy to wear, so he got to be a vampire this year.

While taking Halloween photos in the living room, I somehow failed to notice until editing the photos that night the record sitting in the front of the record box in the background is… Thriller.

Which is funny considering when I carved my pumpkin, I decided to go with a theme of… Thriller.

Distracted by squirrels behind me. My mom’s pumpkin of ghosts and monsters is on the left; mine is of course the Thriller pumpkin on the right.

Regal vampire puppy is regal. The other pumpkin and gourd are decorated with these little stick-in things my mom bought. I think her plan with the gourd was to carve it into a dragon… it turned out way cooler this way, I think!

Pondering sucking someone’s blood!

Plan for 2010 is a shark. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get around to the bumblebee.

Auggie and pumpkins photo shoot

I took this one afternoon when I came home for lunch to sit outside with Auggie because the weather was GORGEOUS. He wasn’t very interested in the camera so this is the only one I took.

Then I attempted a photoshoot with uncarved pumpkins… and he still wasn’t very interested in the camera. So I grabbed a leaf and started twirling it at him to get his attention. He looks very untrusting here, LOL. Like “I want that leaf… but what must I do to get it?? Hmmm…”

Unfortunately a little poorly focused.

Sadly, this one is poorly focused too…

His face cracks me up in this one. He kept trying to sneak little chews on the pumpkin stems… this is his “I’m not doing anything… la la la… chew chew… la la la…” face.

Argh! More not-properly-focused!

I guess for some reason I thought I had two more dogs, and that’s why the pumpkins are spaced so far apart… either that or I was hallucinating that my dog is much bigger than he is.

Not sure what was going on here, he sort of looks like he hates the pumpkin and can’t stand to be in the photo with it, LOL.

And finally…

I don’t know what it is about this one, but I very much love it.

Caramel Apples

A while back I started a new tradition with Auggie. It started one night when I climbed onto my bed to watch TV and eat a caramel apple, and Auggie wanted to come up on the bed with me. So I ate the apple and he lay next to me watching.
Now, when I eat caramel apples, I don’t eat the entire apple. I eat the outer portion of the apple – I try to get a good balance of caramel, peanuts, and apples in each bite, so usually there’s maybe a quarter of the apple left around the core that I didn’t eat. Or maybe more like half of the apple… depending on what I think a “good balance” is that day.

So I’m sitting there, having finished my caramel apple, and Auggie is sitting next to me. And I realize – hey, there are all kinds of treats that have apples in them. Why not save the waste of the remainder of this apple?
So I held it out to Auggie and he happily bit pieces of it off the stick.

From that point on it was a tradition. I would eat the good stuff and then Auggie got the remainder of the apple when I was done.
So… this is how I share with the Auggie Doggie.

These are the best caramel apples IMO… outside of getting the gourmet expensive ones at the apple orchard.


Then the Auggie starts to chomp away on it.

I told him “Okay, that’s enough.” He said “Really?”

“REALLY really?”

No, not really really. I gave him the rest.