oh my auggie

Just some photographs

I was thinking I wanted to take some photos of Auggie.
The problem is that I’ve had this dog for nearly four years now, and that’s four years worth of photos I’ve taken. And photos of Auggie playing in the backyard start to look the same after four years…

But nevertheless, here’s a few I took that were a bit different.

Thinking carefully about the sausages my mom is pulling off the grill in the background…

Another attempt at replicating a photo I took of Kota years and years ago. I decided after taking this one that I should quit trying to replicate the photo. It’s not going to happen. Auggie’s not Kota and he never will be. This photo is pretty cute, but it doesn’t really touch me the way Kota’s photograph does.

Look! My dog DOES actually have whites to his eyes! Amazing!!

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  1. >LOL..wonderfule creature..make our God!..smiles..I have also an labrador..golden..smiles..I love her..also this one..is just lovely..nice post, picts, blog..Grats1

    10/03/2009 at 2:42 AM

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