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Agility Trial Packing List

I know you can find a BUNCH of these online, but I thought this might be fun. In anticipation of our agility trial this weekend – one where I will actually be staying overnight in a hotel with Auggie, for the first time EVER (so excited!!) – I have been thinking a lot about what I need to remember. Local trials are no big deal, because a) nothing I have forgotten could be that big of a deal Or b) I live about ten minutes from the trial site so I could just run home to grab something. But when I’m driving an hour or more away, it feels a little more tense and I have to try and remember everything.

First, we’ll start with the goodies that are always in my car! I have an organizer in my trunk that holds:
– two beach towels
– a small container of clamp-style clothespins to pin the towels to the crate in case of a windy day
– a spill-proof water dish… this dish actually foiled my mom once, who couldn’t figure out how to take the lid off and so was going “HOW DO YOU DUMP THE WATER OUT OF THIS THING???” It really is pretty darn spill-proof.
– a crate fan
– two collapsible beach chairs
– soft-sided travel crate; Auggie rides in this whenever I drive around
– my extra PetEdge brush
– a ropey-bone and a tennis ball
– a stadium blanket

Easy enough. I always have to double-check to make sure the water dish and towels are in the car before I go, because on occasion I pull them out to wash, but they are generally already packed into the car.

Then, the far longer list of Dog Things I have to load into the car:
– wire crate
– crate pillow
– cookie treats
– First Aid kit; has in it Benadryl (already cut into halves, per the dosage Auggie would need to take), Traumeel (anti-inflammatory), styptic pads, a thermometer, petroleum jelly, and gauze wrap
– poop bags
– my Clean Run Humane Slip Lead – this is the only thing I use at trials now since the recent AKC rule that a dog must be on lead when they come into the ring and on lead before you leave the ring. I take Auggie’s collar (which has his tags attached) off when we get to the trial now and just use the slip lead at the trial. (Yes, this means my dog runs naked.)
– a bottle of water

For this trial I will also be bringing along some collapsible bowls and dog food, since we’ll be overnighting… as well as a cuddly or two to put in his crate in the hotel.

For humans, I bring:
– cooler with drinks… I typically drink soda but I always make sure to bring plenty of water for myself as well as Auggie, because if you need to rehydrate quickly, water will do it whereas soda won’t. But I also like my Mt. Dew and cannot beat my caffeine addiction, so, there you go.
– snacks
– my own first aid kid. For me this includes a contact lense case with solution already in it, a pill case packed with Aleve, Ibuprofen, and Immodium, a couple of my prescription migraine meds, foot cramp meds, some bandaids, and sunscreen
– a change of clothes should weather turn on you… for me this usually means I dress in layers AND bring along a coat, jacket, sweatshirt, whatever
– camera if you like to videotape your runs… MAKE SURE YOUR MEMORY STICK IS IN IT and has room to capture your runs.
– extra batteries for the camera, just in case

There you go… that’s what I lug with me. I usually throw a lot of things into a tote bag or two, so it takes two trips to get everything to my trial spot. Crate and the dog comes first, then I go back to the car and snag everything else!

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  1. >Oooh, your trial list is similar to ours, but different too!Very random, unimportant question–why do you use a soft crate in the car and a wire crate at shows? Since we run a good bit of non-AKC trials (where collars aren't allowed) my dogs are used to running nekkid. I've found that because my dogs typically run nekkid, they can't weave with a collar on!AND, where do you get your Traumeel?! I can't seem to find a good supplier!

    09/03/2009 at 11:17 PM

  2. >I use a soft-sided crate in the car because I feel like, if I were in an accident and Auggie were to end up being thrown against the side of the crate (which is far better than being thrown against the windshield or anything else), a soft-sided crate will be a little less painful than the impact of a wire crate.The wire crates I much prefer for trialing than anything else, just because of the air flow situation, and because I can hang my crate fan on it whereas the soft-sided crate has nowhere to hang it!The dual crate also lets me keep one in the car for him to ride in back and forth, and the other can be left at the trial site overnight where that's allowed.I found the Traumeel at GNC, believe it or not! They had it in the store here but you should be able to order it online from GNC.com (or whatever their website is…)I've always run Auggie naked at trials… it just seems more natural that way for some reason! He practices in my yard naked but outdoors at his breeder's, I usually don't pull the collar off – just throw the lead on the ground.

    09/04/2009 at 3:04 AM

  3. Sam

    >Looks like I'm going to have alot to think about when I start trialing. What an informative post!

    09/08/2009 at 4:37 PM

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