oh my auggie

Lake of the Woods

Took Auggie out to this state park to do some walking and take some photos. Unfortunately it turned out to be way too hot, even though we went early in the morning, so we didn’t stay too long.

Auggie considers ending it all by throwing himself over the waterfall…

Okay, okay, so it’s not really much of a waterfall. It’s entirely man-made, the top part is maybe an 8 foot drop, and the bottom part (shown in the first pic) is probably only a foot drop.

“Hmm, but a drink might be nice…”

He got a nice drink from his Gulpy before taking this one, so now he looks ridiculous. =P

On a lovely little bridge over the small pool below.

“Hmm, maybe I could throw myself into the pool and end it all that way…”

Actually, he was just looking at all the koi fish swimming around below. Several of them were surfacing and making their little popping noises as they fed. Well, he may have really wanted to throw himself into the pool, but it would have been to try and grab those fish. You better believe I had a death grip on his collar at this point…


What is that over there?

Oh? Is there some kind of joke we might be able to make here?

“Hellooooo? Timmy?”

“Tiiiiimmyyyyy… are you in there?”

It wasn’t a real well – it was only as deep as the wall is tall from the outside. Actually, it might have been cute to place Auggie INSIDE the well, but the ground inside the well looked a little less than attractive to place his fluffy butt on, so I didn’t.

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