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Easter Egg Hunt 2009

It was nice and sunny outside, warm enough that I just needed a jacket – so OUTSIDE WE GO for the egg hunt this year! I had the camera but was slightly less inclined to throw myself on the muddy ground for photos the way I can lay on the living room floor and get photos whenever we go the egg hunt indoors, so my angles are a little different than usual.

This egg was hidden inside the gator’s mouth – I didn’t get a shot of him knocking it out of the mouth to pick it up.

Cookie treats inside the eggs!

Ohhhhh egg.

Nosing it over to me so I can open it for him…

…until he decided it was easier to open them himself.

This is the third year we’ve done an egg hunt, and this year he was pretty good at remembering how to open the eggs with just enough to pressure to pop them as opposed to actually chomping down and breaking them. (He broke a couple the first year… oops!)



All the eggs are in the basket! He wouldn’t sit nicely next to them so I gave up and told him, “Fine – get up and do something cute with the basket.”

Which means he pushed it over with his paw.

Yeah okay, I admit it – that’s pretty cute.

Trying to open them again in case he missed a cookie somehow…

He still wouldn’t sit down nicely next to them. But okay that’s pretty cute too.

He nosed the basket over to knock the rest of the eggs out…

…and resumed opening them to make SURE they were really empty.

You see, he doesn’t trust that when I say “No, the treats are REALLY gone,” that I’m being honest. I don’t know why. I’ve never lied to him.
About all the treats being gone, anyway.

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