oh my auggie

Christmas Auggie Photos

I took a TON of photos of Auggie in front of the tree, and only a handful turned out how I really wanted them. But this one is worth the whole photo shoot:

Nabbed Mom into helping me with this shot. Several of these turned out, actually, so I had to pick the best one out.

Most of them turned out like this one… ugh!

He also got a stocking on Christmas morning!

Auggie… no, no, Auggie, no – there’s something sticking out the top – the TOP Auggie – I KNOW WHAT’S IN THE BOTTOM JUST GET THE TOY OUT OF THE TOP… Auggie, the TOP… AUGGIE…

I gave up, took the toy out myself, and squeaked it a few times. THAT got his attention.

I held open the stocking and told him to pull out his next present.

No, Auggie, no… pull it OUT. OUT of the stocking. Auggie… AUGGIE…

I gave up again and pulled the next present out myself again. Okay, so he’s not excited about a new lead, but I sure am!! (I love leads.)

Fine, Auggie – go ahead, get what you’re REALLY interested in…

Yes, THOSE you will pull out of the stocking. You mock me, dog.

These cookies were a gift from J, but I saved them for the stocking.

What’s that you say? You would like one of these? These things that I have in my lap? (Note the DRAMATIC LIGHTING.)

One of these, maybe? Is that what you want? (MORE DRAMATIC LIGHTING.)

The whole haul (still in the DRAMATIC LIGHTING.)

Shot of the haul again. This is a lot less than he got last year, since I couldn’t get it all to fit in the stocking last year and decided to go easy this time around.

Now we play with the reindeer toy!!!

I was setting up his Christmas toys to take a shot and he came over, with his “OH HAI you has cookie for me plz?” look on his face. Or his stupid look. Or his smiley look. Whatever you want to call it. THIS FACE.

This is what he got on Christmas night (no pics because it was way too dark in the house for them to turn out) – a big stuffed bone, and a carousel that has three little squeaky toys (a lion, a monkey, and an elephant) stuffed into it.
Note that Auggie is completely uninterested in me and is walking away in this photo since he found out I didn’t still have his cookies.

And that’s it! We haven’t had hardly any snow at all this year or I’d have some more photos – all we’ve had is ice. And Auggie standing on two inches of solid ice in my backyard doesn’t exactly make for a pretty picture.
Dear Mother Nature: SNOW SOON PLZ, K? THX. Love Beanie.

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