oh my auggie

The Auggles Return

For those of you that have George Thoroughgood in your music library, I recommend you put some on now.

I stopped at PetSmart to pick up a tiny harness for The Mythical Harley since they are on sale this month, and while I was there I spotted something that I absolutely, completely, and totally NEEDED for Auggie.
It was this:

So I took Auggie outside, dremelled his toenails, clipped his whiskers and trimmed up his feet, then stuck this shirt on him. Well, the shirt just needed something more… so… I brought out the Auggles.

Ahhhh, my Auggles!

Pretty nice day for a motorcycle ride, actually. A bit warm, but overwise lovely.


Grimly surveys his backyard… I mean, his turf. (Oh God, his dreadlocks… he needs the hair behind his ears thinned out again…)

All is well on the turf! Smile time!

He could do with a shirt that reads “Bitches Love Me” too. Right after I get that one that reads “I’m A Boy Dog.”

People don’t believe me when I tell them “Bad to the Bone” is his theme song – but YOU guys understand… don’t you? DON’T you? I mean, c’mon. Just look at him.

Tuff guy.

This is like some kind of badass Elvis lipcurl. I am related to Elvis, so maybe it rubbed off on Auggie.

He came up on the deck to get a cookie.

Can has cookie plz?

And now I present to you the newest Favourite Auggie Photo/Best Representation Of Auggie’s Personality In One Photo Ever:

There you have it. Auggie in a nutshell.

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