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Fry Monster

Last month, after Auggie got his NAJ, I went to Long John Silver’s and got something to eat… and, because he had such a big weekend, I did what I NEVER do…
and gave him some of my food.

He got french fries… they’re little and skinny and not too terribly salty, so I gave him a small handful. It was a VERY BIG DEAL because, like I said, I never ever ever give him people food. But he just got his very first agility title! We were celebrating!

Well, I took him out just a bit ago to go buy some more dog food, and on the way home I decided to pick up lunch. Oh, heck, why not Long John Silver’s, that sounds good…


Hint: if you decide to give your dog an occasional treat, make sure you don’t do it along with something that smells distinct, like FRIED FISH.

In this installment of “Auggie the Snotbucket…”

I took Auggie’s pillow, his stuffed puppy, and his loofa dog out of his crate. I also picked up the pillow in the living room, stuffed them all into the wash, and got to work doing Auggie’s laundry.
So it’s pretty much bedtime for Auggie doggy right about now, but I’m not going to work tomorrow morning so there’s no good reason to crate him and go to bed. I’m gonna stay up late doing some work. The laundry isn’t totally done, either, so the crate is still empty.

BUT, just to prove a point… Auggie goes over to his crate (which I had the door shut to since it was empty) and stares at me until I come over and open the door for him. He then goes INTO HIS CRATE. (Any other time he would be just as content laying on the high pile carpeting… ANY OTHER TIME, I tell you.)
He stares at the hard plastic piece on the bottom. He paws at it a little, he whines and snorfles a bit. He sniffs around to make sure he’s really in the right place.

He lays down.
He stares at me.

He is still laying in there, STILL STARING AT ME, and it’s been almost twenty minutes.

Somebody make my dryer dry faster.