oh my auggie

Auggie the Brat: The Laundry

Tonight I’m doing laundry, and Auggie is with me in the laundry room, poking around by the vaccuum cleaner and finding various things to munch off the floor – dust bunnies, most likely, or maybe a spider. “Auggie,” says I, “stop eating things off the floor.” He looks at me mournfully.
A moment later, I hear him smacking his lips on something else. “AUGGIE,” I say, “stop eating things off the floor!”
I put a few more things in the dryer – and he starts chomping on something again. “Okay, baby, scoot scoot,” I tell him, and he scoots out of the laundry room and I shut the door behind him.

Now, the laundry room is in the basement and there are two doors that lead to it: one, the one I just shut, comes right into it; the other door leads towards my mom’s office and the bathroom, and also has a little hallway that leads into the laundry room.

As I’m putting things into the dryer, I suddenly see little Auggie paws creeping into the room. He stops, hiding behind the open door to the dryer.
I peek over the door and look down at him. He hasn’t noticed a thing… he’s still staring intently at my feet, watching, thinking I haven’t realized he’s snuck back in.
So, as I peer over the dryer door, I say to him… “Do you think I don’t see you there?”

He looks up at me, and – I kid you not – makes a little “D= *GASP*” face, turns around, and RUNS as fast as he can back down the hall and out into the rest of the basement… while I die laughing behind him.

My dog is a SNOT.

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