oh my auggie

First big snow of 2008! And winter’s almost over.

The sun was starting to go down so the light wasn’t 100% great…

Head buried in the snow… munching rabbit poop under the snow, no doubt…

This is his “I hope I hope I hope” face he makes when you have a treat… he was sitting nicely for a snowball, which was all the “treat” I had to make him sit so I could get the pic of the snow on his nose!

My handsome boy. Who needs a bath. Because the night of the snowstorm he thieved a BROWNIE out of a bag my mom left sitting on the floor (facepalm) and thusly he got the hydrogen peroxide treatment and I spent twenty minutes outside in the snow with him waiting until he puked it up, and now he’s dirty and nasty.

Hanging out in the path we made out to his ex-pen.

Obligatory “running to get me” pics. I wish the light had been just a biiit better, and these would have come out perfectly clear.

ROFL… I THINK he’s running in this one…

Shake shake shake!

aaaand last one. That’s my boot in the bottom right corner there.

I’m going to guess it’s about 9 inches. At this point, the top of the snow is really wet and dense… you sink down about three inches and then stop before you hit the ground from all the densely packed snow. It’s starting to melt fairly good though.

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