oh my auggie

Two years ago…

Two years ago, I woke up at 5:45 AM. I’m not a morning person – far from it – but my eyes snapped open, and I thought, “PUPPY!”

We left our house at 7, and left the breeder’s house at quarter ’til 9, my arms full of a small, squirmy, fuzzy little puppy.

Two years ago I brought Auggie into my home for the first time.


Later that night, I wrote this in my livejournal:
“I love my puppy… …it is as though all were right in the world.”

Two years later and, it’s still true. I can’t put my overwhelming love for this dog, my emotions, into words. He is my best friend, my protector, my little buddy, my snuggle-bug, a playmate, a fuzzy foot warmer… my little baby dog.
Two years later – and hopefully there will be many many more years to come.

Mister Auggie, I sure am glad I met you.

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