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Seasons Changing

Some nice fall-ish outdoor shots from today…

Auggie “stacked,” for a thread on a dog forum I belong to. Back legs are a little too far out, but a pretty nice shot anyway! He is nice and freshly bathed/groomed here, too.

I stick my tongue out at you!

WITHOUT the bratty tongue sticking out.

Agility Practice

Took Auggie out to his breeder’s house for some agility practice.

Jump, puppy, jump!


His very first time on the dog walk!

He likes it.

On the teeter-totter… he likes this, too.

More dog walk.

Overall, a nice little fun bit of practice. We didn’t do a lot since we were exposing him to a full-height teeter for the first time, and of course the dog walk, but still had some good experiences!